About me

Yes You Can…

My life was raising my daughter, handling / owning multiple wine shops for 30 years and I loved every single minute of it. Hell at the height of my career those stores were generating 30 million in annual revenue and my daughter was cruising along in life. Something was going to happen because I was not listening to me…Then I remember my life changing & amazingly sad time in my life (would not change it for the world).

It was my bottom and when it happened i immediately recognized it. My mind said… “Keith this is it for you, Keith you have the ability like everyone else in this life to do it different than you have ever before in your 49 years of life”. Yes that is what I heard at that time and it was that instantaneously.

My bottom was different than anyone elses in this world but we all do hear those similar words that I heard that day at that moment. If you ignored them I am sorry and if you have not heard them please listen…listen to your words because they are the most important words…they are your words.

Please do ignore what you hear from you…listening is life changing & life saving!

Enjoy this day and please smile and breathe.

Thank you

Keith Miller